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Politics and geopolitics of a national security dilemma

Max Zachée Saintclair Mbida Onambélé

Foreword by Pr Ernest Molua - Last word by Pr Kingsley L. Ngange

Collection : Harmattan Cameroun

Zone géographique :
- Afrique > Afrique centrale > Cameroun

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The "Ambazonian" Nightmare tells the story of how the now almost six years of instability started in the two English speaking regions of the Republic of Cameroon. The swiftly consolidating insecurity dilemma holds within two contradictory historical mistakes: the enforcement of the English speaking Cameroon's populations resentment of specificity and marginality and the paradoxical laxism of Cameroon's national security and defence system. Yet, the security system was not weak but negligent of the threat of an "Anglophone" revolutionary agenda and the challenge it was posing to the unity of the nation and the philosophy of national integration.

  • Date de publication : 30 mai 2022
  • Broché - format : 13,5 x 21,5 cm • 150 pages
  • Langue : anglais
  • ISBN : 978-2-14-026370-5
  • EAN13 : 9782140263705
  • EAN PDF : 9782140263712
  • (Imprimé en France)

Max Zachée Saintclair Mbida Onambele is a holder of a Ph D. in Political Sciences, specialized in International and Strategic Studies from the University of Douala and the Catholic University of Kinshasa. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Integration and Cooperation for Development at the Cameroon's Institute of International Relations (IRIC).

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