Comité Européen de Droit Rural


The European Council for Agricultural Law, more usually known as the "CEDR" from its French name "Comité Européen de Droit Rural"

The CEDR is the only pan-european organisation which represents lawyers interested in agricultural and rural law, in all its aspects.

The membership of the CEDR comprises associations of lawyers and other professionals involved in the legal aspects of agriculture and rural life, from numerous nations of Europe, individuals from countries where there is no national association to which they can belong, academic institutions and correspondent members from outside Europe.

The CEDR was formed in 1957, and has grown steadily since then. It organises regular congresses, and also symposia and other meetings.

The CEDR has consultative status with the Council of Europe and regularly provides assistance and advice to the institutions of the European Union.

Management of the CEDR is conducted through a Board of Management, some whose members are elected and others are nominated by member associations. The principal officers of the CEDR are elected by the biennial general assembly.

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